Protection for Your Children’s Skin from Sunburns

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Over-exposure to the sun rays may cause redness, sunburns which cause pain, discomfort, fever even dehydration.

How and when do the sunburns happen?

The influence of the sun rays is the strongest in the period between 10:00 and 16:00, so the walks through the city should be during morning or after 17:00. Sun rays reflect near surfaces like water, snow, sand and cement so be careful.
Redness on the skin can happen even when it’s not hot outside. That is so because this happens under the influence of the suns UV rays and not heat. They can cause sunburns at any time regardless of the season, and the thin and soft children’s skin is under the most influence. These rays can’t be seen with the naked eye but the signs of skin damage these rays can do will be visible even longer after the exposure to burns.

Use suntan lotion with protection factor.

The protection factor must always be over 15. On the product description there is always a description for kind of protection it is, whether it is UVA or UVB rays. Have in mind that UVB rays cause wrinkles and burning of the skin, and UVA rays cause even more damage.

Apply the lotion half an hour before the child is exposed to sunlight and repeat the step every two hours. Cover all exposed areas of the body, ears, neck, face, hands, legs and back. If you are on the beach and you entered water after getting out wipe the water from your body and again apply cream regardless of when you applied the lotion last time. If you travel by car during a hot day, clean the car and apply freshener before starting your drive. Apply lotion even for the driving.

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