Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss
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Almost everyone suffering from hair loss will tell you they would do anything to have their thick and healthy hair back. Hair loss is not only a male problem, women also suffer from hair problems, over time their hair thins or baldness occurs. The most common form of hair loss for women is androgenetic alopecia, known as female baldness.

Three advices for natural hair loss prevention for women

1.Healthy diet – Vitamins B, C and E are noted as being very important for healthy hair. Whilst minerals like cink, iron and magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids help keep a healthy hair.

2.Use herbs – Aloe vera and rosemary shampoo can be helpful for your hair. Also, nettle is a natural cure which helps block DHT which weakens the hair.

3.Regularly massage your head and exercise – A healthy blood flow is essential for ensuring healthy matter for the skin of your head. Generally, regular exercise and activity is the basis for good circulation in your whole body.


Hair begins to recede around the top of your head. Hair thinning and hair loss over time can increase, but stopping baldness for males can be improbable. In other words, women losing hair will have significantly more hair than males with the same problem. The front part of the hair will remain intact, while your hair will become thinner on the top and sides.


In most common of cases of hair loss, hereditary androgenetic alopecia, people first lose hair on the front side of the head, behind the forehead, and afterward on the top of the head. The hair becomes especially stronger around the ears, on the sides and on the back of your head. The remaining causes of hair loss can occur in different ways. For example trichotillomania  (compulsion to pull out one’s hair) or alopecia areata (drop in immunity in certain parts of skin on your head) lead to hair loss on a limited area, while stress and some medicines can have hair loss as a symptom

Other causes of hair loss for women

While hair loss for women is allocated to female baldness, there are other causes which should be considered:

-Hormonal problems, which include excreting too much testosterone.
-Skin disease which can permanently harm the root.
-Hair loss can also occur after traumatic changes to the body, like childbirth, major surgery, high amounts of stress   or other health states and illnesses. This is also now as effluvium.
-Medical treatments, especially chemotherapy, can cause hair loss for women.

Tests and diagnoses

In order to know the cause of your hair loss, you should have a doctor examine you, so he can remove other causes of this problem. The way the hair loss acts should be thoroughly examined, as well as the look of the skin on your head, and other areas which have hair loss. The doctor should also check if you have too much androgynous cells:

Too much androgynous cells:
-Increased hair growth on parts of body like face and belly area
-Changes in menstrual cycle
-Widening of the clitoris
-Development of acne on the body

Curing and prevention

Currently, there is no known way of prevention of female baldness. Loss of hair for women, caused by female baldness can be permanent if left untreated. In some cases, women can feel great after hair thinning, so they avoid treatments. Type of hair cure which is popular is hair transplant. This procedure involves taking hair from parts where hair is thick and placed on spots where it is bald. Although in some cases the hair can’t be as abundant as before, this treatment can be used to cover bald spots.

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