Fruit and Vegetable Juice Myths

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Myths

Recently, juicing almost everything has become popular. Unfortunately many of the claims of healthy benefits of juice are not based on fact.

Freshly squeezed juice is great.

What does “fresh” mean? If the orange is produced somewhere in Brazil then transported to another country, kept in a freezer, then kept in a supermarket, then brought home by you and “freshly squeezed” – that is not fresh juice. Time, oxygen and light have definitely reduced the nutrition value of that fruit. It is far from being “fresh” juice.

Juice help absorb nutrients.

This is correct, since the nutrients from the juice are absorbed faster than from solid food. Except it’s not an advantage at all. When you chew on the fruit, you also release enzymes from the fruit which are bound to the “fiber network”. Our teeth may be old fashioned, but they are a great tool for freshly juicing.. Our body creates enzymes necessary for food digestion. Concerning fruit enzymes, whether they are from juice or a whole fruit, our stomach acid which is strong enough, will probably destroy it all.

Juice contribute to weight loss.

By itself, juice doesn’t contribute to weight loss, they neither burn fat nor remove cellulite or speed up or the metabolism.

Juice detoxes the body.

Maybe in the short term in some cases, but if you eat everything and then you drink juice to detox for a week, it can’t be a permanent solution. It’s true that we need to help our organs to perform their job well, but we achieve it through proper nutrition and regular physical exercise.

Fast absorption from juice rests the digestive organs.

Take heart and lungs for example, they never rest and we would never want them to. A way to keep heart and lungs healthy is exercising them, not rest. When we regularly exercise, our heart beats faster and it contracts. That makes it stronger and more efficient when it’s back to it’s normal rhythm. Same with digestive organs. They don’t need to rest, they need help so they can function efficiently. One of the ways to do that is to consume products containing herbal fiber ( which is proven to help clean the digestive tract and better it’s work).So if you want to do well for your digestive organs if you avoid juice- from which herbal fiber is omitted.

If you need to choose, whole fruit or juice, whole fruit is better.

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