10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Choice

10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Choice
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Swimming is one of the best activities with which you can treat your body. While we swim we activate every muscle in the body and the joints don’t feel any pressure. You should use every reason to jump in a sea, river or a lake.

1. Helps to lose weight

One hour spent swimming can burn 500 calories. While swimming you use every part of the body and every muscle, without much effort. It is very difficult to get injured while swimming.

2. You strengthen your body and cardio

While swimming has almost no effect on joints, the results are incredible. Swimming is considered aerobic, but besides that exercising in water gives a small resistance which results in greater body strength. Strong muscles are vital for the body and a long life. The training which requires resistance also benefits balance, sleep and bone health.

3. Helps lungs stay healthy

Swimming increases lung capacity, which means the body regulates oxygen much better. Strong lungs also help prevent some diseases. One research shows that people with lower lung capacity are more prone to cardiovascular illness.

4. Swimming is great aerobic

Concerning years, it is never too late to start swimming, but also older people suffering from arthritis, pain in the muscles and bones, can get many healthy benefits from swimming. Besides anyone can swim regardless of  age, weight or physical capabilities.

5. Lessens asthma symptoms

Water is thicker than air, so while we swim, the lungs must work to supply the blood with enough oxygen. That is good fitness for the lungs which helps lessen asthma symptoms.

6. Makes you feel younger

Swimming maybe does not erase pores and wrinkles, but it’s proven it reduces risk of death by up to 50%. One research which took 32 years and 40.000 participants aged 20 to 90, shows that people who swim have the lowest mortality rate, 50% lower than people who run, walk or those who do not exercise at all.

7. Reduces risk of diabetes

Regular exercise reduces blood glucose levels. According to one research, aerobic exercises and pressure training, especially combined, help control the sugar in blood in diabetes type 2 patients.

8. It’s good for pregnant women

Swimming while pregnant is not only good for the mother, but good for the child, and swimming is one of the best choices because the body doesn’t overextend or heat up, and swimming with the face down promotes blood flow to the uterus.

9. Swimming is relaxing

Water is the simbol of purification and renewal, and research shows that time passed by the water has same effect on the brain as meditation. Water gives us a rest from overstimulating the brain with information. That means that swimming offers great exercise for the whole body and meditation.

10. Connects you with nature

When we swim in the sea, a river or a lake, we are closer to nature, and time spent in nature brings many benefits for your mental and physical health because it helps keep healthy body weight, lowers stress and is great for your mood.

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