5 Reasons You Should Get A Jumping Rope

5 Reasons You Should Get A Jumping Rope
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When you were young, surely you must have jumped rope, and if you train regularly, maybe you still use it. Anyhow, if you have forgotten about it, we will share 5 reasons with you why you should jump rope regularly if you want to stay fit.

via kafepauza
via kafepauza

1. You can use it anytime and anywhere

If you are a beginner, even 5 minutes a day are substantial. You can jump at hope, in the park, even on lunch break at work (if permitted). The rope doesn’t take much space, and later when you “catch the rhythm” you can use it as much as you want.

2. This is the most efficient cardio

5 minutes will mean as much as running 1 mile, because the heart will beat faster.

3. You will be focussed on the exercise

When you jump rope, you have to concentrate on what you are doing, and the more concentration you have the more correctly you execute the exercise.

4. This exercise is beneficial for every part of the body

If you want firm hips, jump in half bent position or make sudden jumps. For stomach muscles, bend your knees as much as you can, and to exercise your hands, you can rotate the rope every jump 2 times under the body.

5. Great for exercising in a gym

While exercising in a gym, you spent most of the time sitting and focussed on muscles, but it’s necessary to commit to burning calories with cardio. Best way to do it is to jump rope between exercises.


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