MALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION We’ll just cut to the chase, shall we? The most common male sexual disorder is impotence, sometimes called erectile dysfunction, or ED, and dened as the inability to sustain an erection to satisfactorily perform intercourse or ejaculation. Experts estimate that 18 million to 30 million men in the United States experience impotence in some form. Age is not necessarily a factor in pure impotence, although as a man ages, the force and amount of ejaculation does decrease.

via banderasnews
via banderasnews

ED can occur as a result of certain medications, fatigue, chronic illness or too much alcohol. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, poorly managed diabetes (which can impact blood ow to the penis), high cholesterol and stress. Low levels of testosterone and a zinc deficiency also can cause ED.

There also are psychological factors that can cause ED, including fear of intimacy and/or feelings of guilt. Primary impotence is rare, and means a male is completely unable to engage in sexual intercourse. Secondary impotence is much more common—men can only engage in intercourse about 25% of the time—and is situational, usually related to psychological reasons, including less than optimal timing or location, boredom, low self-esteem, performance anxiety and depression. Herbs and supplements that may help: SAW PALMETTO, which helps oppose the influence of estrogen on prostate tissues ZINC, which boosts immunity and sexual function NIACIN, to improve circulation MANGANESE, which is essential to healthy sexual function LIPOIC ACID, an antioxidant PROSTATE PMG AND ORCHEX, which directs nutrients to the prostate and testes.

Sexy Combos for Him Herbal aphrodisiacs have been used in every culture ever since men walked upright. Now there are a number of compounds available that combine stimulants from around the world.
Dr. Schulze’s Male “Shot” includes horny goat weed leaf, yohimbe bark, astragalus root, muira puama bark and more to aid with arousal and erections . ArginMax for Men has shown positive results for maintaining erections in clinical trials. It includes Larginine, ginseng, ginkgo and zinc . Steel-Libido for Men contains L-arginine, maca root, ashwagandha root, horny goat weed extract, Tribulus terrestris extract and yohimbe bark. It supports sex drive and erections .

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