One ingredient you can be rid of gray hair forever!

One ingredient you can be rid of gray hair forever!
via Natural Healthy Team

Although there is a wide range of hair colors, these cosmetic products contain a variety of chemicals that make more bad than good for your hair and scalp.

Commercial hair colors irritate and damage the scalp hair follicles, resulting in hair loss and dry, damaged hair.


If you regularly use hair dye to cover gray, you might want to turn this natural solution which is more useful.

It does not cause irritation to the scalp or hair damage, ensuring long-term benefits.

You can easily make this recipe at home. You need only two ingredients and takes very little time for its preparation.

First, peel 5 potatoes. You will not use potatoes, but only the crust. Place the peel of potatoes in a pot of water. Let boil and then simmer for about 5 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and leave to cool. Strain the liquid and store it in another container.

To improve the smell of this natural remedy you can add a little essential oil of rosemary or lavender. After the usual wash massage the hair and scalp with this mixture. Your gray hair will return to its natural color after just a few treatments!

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