Forget The Spray – 9 Plants That Naturally Keep Mosquitos Away

Forget The Spray – 9 Plants That Naturally Keep Mosquitos Away

Mosquitoes are the most annoying things during the summer as they keep us from enjoying great outdoor activities. They use every chance to bite us. Most of the anti-mosquito sprays and sticks contain chemicals, and they are not also good for the environment.

We are recommending you these natural defense pants which will keep mosquitoes away:

  • Catnip – it will keep mosquitoes from your yard. One study showed that catnip was 10 times more effective in warding off mosquitoes than deet, thus if you plan on putting it into your garden plant it away from other plants because it will attract cats that will easily trample your garden.
  • Lemon thyme – the Ontario University of Guelph discovered that if you crush lemon thyme leaves you can reduce the number of mosquito bites by 62%.
  • Lavender – it will help you relieve breathing problems, minor burns, vomiting, nausea, agitation, anxiety, skin blemishes, and pain. Moreover, it will keep the unwanted bugs off the other plants and will keep mosquitoes away. The leaves can be used as a healing lotion or calming tea.
  • Basil – grab some cinnamon basil to keep mosquitoes away as it has been shown to be most effective.
  • Lemon balm – it is very useful for dissuading these annoying insects while it is a natural healing herb which can help you with cramps, PMS, sleeping issues, and digestive problems. It is very hardy, but can be very aggressive, trying to take over your garden, thus do not keep I confined to a specific area or even a good size pot.
  • Lemongrass – this beautiful ornamental grass can get 2-4 feet tall. It contains a natural oil citronella which will repel mosquitoes, and thus it is used in mosquito repelling candles. Lemongrass masks he smell of people, thus it makes it hard for mosquitoes to sniff out their dinner. Plant a line of lemongrass around the edge of your yard or porch in order to create a natural force field.
  • Marigolds – this is a beautiful flowering plant which will bring some color to your yard while keeping mosquitoes away. It puts off a unique aroma known as pyrethrum, thus keeping the insects away.
  • Rosemary – it is used in cooking, natural cleaning products, and as an insect deterrent. Moreover, you can use it as a memory booster. Studies have shown that it can boost memory and concentration by 75% by inhaling the scent. Plant it in your garden and keep bugs away.
  • Garlic – it is great for fighting off infection or cold, but it can also help repel mosquitoes. Have it in your garden as a natural defense for other plants and you.

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