A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, And Here’s How

A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, And Here’s How

The best known symptom of heart attack is pressure in the chest, however 1/3 of the patients who went through it felt no pain at all. There are actually other symptoms which patients often neglect and thus arrive at the hospital two hours later. Some of the strokes are strong and sudden, but some are occurring slowly with mild pain and uncomfortable feeling. For that reason people are not sure what is really happening, thus they wait without requiring medical attention on time.

The thing about heart attacks is that they do not happen out of the blue, but rather the body sends signals and warnings days and weeks, or even months before it happens. Hair is one of the body parts which sends signals. It actually contains high levels of cortisol hormone, indicating a forthcoming heart attack. Tests of blood, urine, and saliva test the levels of cortisone usually, however, the hair is different because it grows at a fast rate. 5-6 inch strand may indicate a longer period of increased stress levels.

One study examined hair strands in 56 subjects who had a heart attack previously. The results were compared to hair samples from men who did not suffer a heart attack, but had issues with other diseases.

It may be very late to prevent death or permanent heart damage when you realize that you have a heart attack. The cardiovascular expert named Chauncey Qredi is worried about the silent heart attack that has moderate or unrelated to heart signs and symptoms. Those are chest pain (each of them does not necessarily point to a heart attack), pain in the neck, back, and jaw, sweating, and nausea, difficulty breathing, and problem with the stomach. There is a clear connection between the delay with in treating the symptoms of heart failure and demise or disease statistics.

You have to be aware that the boy sends clear signs for everything that happens inside, thus you have to learn to listen to what it says. Remember that heart attack is number one killer in America.


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