This Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket

This Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket

After you read this article you will keep a needle in your pocket, for sure. This is a simple and very effective technique which can help you save a person from a stroke. When someone is having a stroke, the capillaries in the brain tear gradually, the brain does not get enough oxygen, and this causes the brain cells to die. This requires immediate medical assistance.

How to react in such a situation?

It is highly important to stay calm and do not move the person who is having a stroke. Use a medicinal needle, but if you do not have it, then a simple needle will do the job (of course it has to be sterilized). With the sterilized needle, prick the tips of all 10 fingers as close to the nail and as fast as you can. Wait for the blood start flowing and if you do not see any blood, then squeeze the fingers. When the blood starts flowing from all of the fingers, the person will regain consciousness.

In case you see that the victim’s mouth is crooked, massage the ears until they turn red to improve the blood flow. You can also prick the earlobe 2 times until two drops of blood come out. The victim’s mouth will return to normal after a few minutes. Wait for the person regain consciousness and take him/her to the hospital. The doctors will do the rest.

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